John Robinson Soccer- The Official College Recruitment Organisation For Sussex Schools FA

SSFA Partnership Announcement
We are delighted to be working with John Robinson and the US College Pathway. This is an exciting opportunity to enable the young footballer’s of Sussex an opportunity that may not have previously been available. The partnership will see boys and girls have the chance of a scholarship to the USA which could be the stepping stone to a professional career in football.

Under 16 Girls Team Photo vs Kent
John said “I am extremely excited about this partnership with Sussex Schools FA. After several conversations & then meeting with Ross, I knew that there commitment to offering their players another opportunity with education & football was first & foremost. Being from Sussex , makes it even more special.
Speaking about John Robinson Soccer USA and its exclusive partnership with College Fit Finder, the #1 technology layer recruitment portal in America he said “there’s not a scheme like it”.
“It’s the first of its kind in Europe. There’s not one that’s the same as ours, it’s very unique. It really covers every spectrum for players. If I was a player looking at this, I’d realise that there is an opportunity for me, maybe in another country, where you can continue your football career and your education, which in turn could lead to a life changing opportunity.”
John, who has lived and worked in the US since 2009, stressed the affordability of John Robinson Soccer USA:
“I got involved with this scheme because in life kids sometimes can’t afford the opportunities and I think sometimes when you are paying a certain amount it leaves a lot of players out of getting an opportunity.
“One of the big thing for me was to make sure that it was affordable to every player, that they can turn round and say yes that’s affordable, and superb value for money and that’s another option. Through our partnership with SSFA we will be looking run USA College Showcase Player ID Days around Sussex, with the 1st being in November 2018. I would like to thank Ross and the SSFA for their support and look forward to bringing more opportunities for layers within Sussex & look forward to announcing further details soon.”
• About John Robinson Soccer USA:
• Exclusive European Partner For #1 Player Technology Portal in America “College FitFinder”
• To create American college scholarship opportunities for soccer players in the most efficient and affordable way possible.
• Coming soon USA College Player ID Showcase Day

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SSFA Partnership Announcement