Isaac Christie-Davies becomes Young Ambassador for SSFA



“I’m honoured to be asked to be an Ambassador for Sussex Schools Football Association. School football is a really important start of any footballer’s journey.

I support school football because it was an important part of my football journey and provided me with the opportunity to develop key skills. School football for me was a springboard for further success at Chelsea FC Academy and England. It is a real honour to be able to give something back by encouraging and supporting others.

I have good memories of playing for Brighton Boys and Sussex Schools. An outstanding memory for me was reaching the national finals and playing at Wembley Stadium. During my time playing school’s football I made great friends, one of whom I play with now at Chelsea.

School’s Football is a powerful vehicle for personal growth and development whether you end up playing professionally, as an amateur or choosing another direction or career. I feel strongly that all children should have an equal chance and have access to the coaching and experience that I had as a young boy starting off”.

Isaac Christie-Davies