Affiliations 2023 – 2024

Affiliation for the coming season is now open on the database.

To affiliate your teams please log in to the database and enter your teams. Please be reminded that once submitted you cannot do it again so ensure you enter all teams for your school and not just the year you are in charge of. You may need to ‘create’ a team first before being able to enter them if your school hasn’t previously entered in that age category. For example if you want to enter U12 Girls but you have not created that team yet you won’t see U12 Girls as an option. If you have entered at U12 Girls in the past it should already show as an option.

If you are not entering any teams but want to send players to trials then you will need to affiliate for the season by going to this link Affiliate your school – Sussex Schools (

Please ensure that the correct bursar/finance email address is entered on the database when affiliating as they will be automatically sent an invoice and if the details are wrong this often causes delays in payment. If payment is not received by the start of the competitions you will incur a late fee.

You are able to enter more than 1 team in each age group (create an A team and a B team) but please keep in mind that once a player plays for your ‘A’ team they are then cup tied and will not be allowed to play for your ‘B’ team (and Vice Versa). If a school is found to be in breach of this rule then the team will be removed from the competition.
In the U19 Men’s Competitions, 2nd XI teams are able to field a maximum of 2 1st XI players in the league but this is not the case in the cups where players will be cup tied to one team. Any competition rules for next season will be sent out by our new competition secretaries in September when they send out the draws/leagues. This will also be updated on the website/database. Please be aware that it is the schools responsibility to read, understand and adhere to the rules at all times.

A reminder that any requests for extensions or any other competition related queries need to go straight to our competition secretaries.

Ben Andrews U12-16 Comp Sec –
Ed Hatton U19 Men’s Comp Sec –
Joe McTiffen U19 Women’s Comp Sec –

We still have a number of roles that we are looking to fill for the coming season so if you are interested please contact me or Ross Maryan
The roles are Futsal Development Officer, Sponsorship/Grants Officer, and a website Officer. We are also open to discuss other potential roles that would support us.
These roles might also be good for a college student to gain experience and receive a reference from a county-wide organisation.