Rep Team Trials 2023-2024

This year some of our teams will be running a trial before the summer holidays. This will enable us to have our squads in place in time for the start of the competitions which are starting earlier than they ever have.
Some age groups will of course run their trial in the new year, for example, the U12 age group will trial after the PE staff are able to see the players and identify talented individuals and there is no organised competition at that age group so we have a little more time.

I will be sending an individual email for each team as and when the trials are arranged with an invitation letter that can be printed out for nominated players.
Please note that you will not be able to nominate players until either entering teams into our comps for next year (by logging in and entering teams – this gives you automatic affiliation) or by affiliating for next year only (by going to and follow the link.)

Schools who affiliate to SSFA for the season will be able to nominate a MAXIMUM of 3 players per school. Any players who are sent to trial must be of a high level. In districts such as Brighton and Hove or South East Sussex it may be easier to know the rough level as they have fully functioning District rep sides across the ages. It is worth noting that not all district level players will be at County level. If all schools send 3 players just to fill the slots then it makes trials very difficult due to numbers so please be diligent in only sending players that you are certain meet the required level. If you feel you only have 1 then please only send 1.
If you feel there is a good reason for sending more than the maximum of 3 then you will need to email the relevant manager and communicate directly with them. They will not be at liberty to take more than the maximum of 3 unless they deem the evidence sufficient to take further players.

In order to nominate players you will need to log in and go to the ‘nominate players’ tab.

The below is a list of each age and the relevant managers email:

U11 Boys – Position may become vacant, information will be shared soon
U12 Boys – Jason Thornton
U13 Boys – Jim Colston
U12 Girls – No current manager – looking to appoint
U14 Boys – Steve McGowan
U15 Boys – Mark Newnham-Reeve
U14 Girls – Georgia Townsend
U16 Boys – Kev Laundon
U16 Girls – Gary Hart
U19 Men – David Caryer
U19 Womens – Joe McTiffen

If you are interested in managing a team at the vacant age groups then please Ross Maryan